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Energy Performance Contracting

Relationship Building- Transformation from Vendor to Partner

An energy services contractor was excelling in job performance, but its relationships were confined to the facilities level. They realized that in order to transform their business and implement the kind of projects that would make a serious impact for the public sector, they would need to develop relationships and cultivate the opportunities to discuss ideas at the highest levels of the organizations. 


BARBAR was retained to assist in developing a strategy, building relationships, earning trust with C-suite members of the higher education and public sectors. The Company’s initial target was a university that had specific needs, but view the company as a vendor, not a partner.


BARBAR was able to build trust with the C-suite, effectively communicate with with both the public and private parties and set the Company up for success. The company was able to meet the needs of the university and has since been able to piggyback two additional projects onto the original contract award.

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