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Strategy & Transformation

Institutions and boards face escalating challenges in fulfilling their responsibilities as the higher education industry rapidly evolves. BARBAR helps institutions and leaders design and implement strategies to creatively innovate and adapt their business models and enhance their infrastructure, capabilities, and capacities so that they can better compete.  


We work closely with presidents, CFOs, senior executives, and boards to help them lead the innovation process, and establish common expectations about roles and responsibilities, build cohesion, and enhance knowledge about how to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Real Estate

Educational institutions are high consumers of real estate, and the educational delivery model is changing. We help ensure your largest asset - real estate - is serving your call to action - student success.

Project Feasibility

You have a great idea, but is it filling a need, much less the right need. We help analyze project ideas, formulate a strategy and build champions to put the plan into action. 

Needs Assessment

While the issues may look similar, every institution is unique. We help educational institutions understand what physical assets are needed to implement their strategic plan and moonshot ideas.

Student Success is Our Top Priority

We create partnerships that stand the test of time

Higher Education Projects

Education Projects Anchor

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