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Public Agencies face significant CHALLENGES in providing  

HIGH QUALITY social infrastructure.

We help Public Agencies UNLOCK the assets at their disposal to meet their STRATEGIC NEEDS.

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Real Estate

The Public Institutions are typically high consumers of real estate. Let’s make sure every square foot is being utilized in the most efficient manner.

Strategy & Process

Planning for and leading through consequential change requires the ability to have a clear vision, a defined process and the buy-in of key leaders.

Project Evaluation

From delivery model to financing methods, we help public institutions evaluate each project and ensure it meets their unique needs.

With investment needs that far outstrip available public funding, government agencies should consider new tools to modernize the schools, public buildings, and healthcare facilities that are essential to our quality of life.

BARBAR offers a full range of P3, real estate and project delivery services, providing customized solutions that address your unique fiscal and operational needs.

Public Sector Projects

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